CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 24

Cinnamon Sugared Matzo 3 pk • $25 Matzo Project Matzo has long been an important part of the Jewish head scratcher to a gentile like myself, I’ve long wonder of this particular application of flour, salt, and water is cause I hadn’t tried Matzo from The Matzo Project. The born of a slowly simmering idea brought to life by old sum Ashley Albert and Kevin Rodriguez. Kevin handled the R iterations of their ancestral food. The ingredients sourc wholesome, paired with a flawless handcrafted techniq top notch matzo. These Cinnamon Sugared Matzo are a edition to your Chanukah spread. Serve them as is, or w toppings like cream cheese and honey, buttercream frost butter, cookie butter, cheese and apples, and even a sele so your guests can make matzo ice cream sandwiches. them up in the food processor and make pie crust, a t kugel or crisp, or even as a coating for deep fried ice cre Chocolate Pistachio and Mixed Chocolate • $7+ Seed + Mill The halvah from Seed + Mill is some of the most gorgeous I have ever seen. I mean, drop dead gor- geous. I expect this kind of artistry from a soap vendor in Provence, but halvah is usually slapped into a plastic container with an ugly label and called good. At Seed + Mill, the visual presentation isn’t the only way they are turning halvah on its head. The texture is flaky, which, speaking as an accom- plished cook who has tried and failed to master the sugar magic required to make the perfect flaky halvah can say, it is no mean feat. Anyone who tells you halvah is basically fudge is a dirty liar. Then of course there is rich, nutty flavor and delicate sweetness that is really unlike anything else. This is, of course, partly due to the fact that the seeds are sourced from the sesame heartland of Humera, Ethi- opia, roasted to perfection, and ground into tahini before becoming this addictive treat. They have many flavors, but I am particularly in love with the Chocolate Pistachio and Mixed Chocolate varie- ties. Through the addition of chocolate, the Chocolate Pistachio is an addictive twist on a traditional favorite and the Mixed Chocolate is a glorious amalgam of dark, milk, and white chocolate that will please every palate. And, for good measure, they are gluten-free and kosher. Be sure you check out their other flavors as well. I hear the Cacao Nib, Chia, and White Chocolate Raspberry are delightful! Matzah Crunch Roni-Sue “If you’re going to take ti it’s no wonder we love Ro trol over her ingredients, by charoset (the delicious Crunch is made of dried syrup, it makes the perfe or crumble it on ice cream crunch. I love stirring it i