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Philip Jimcosky
m , and if you ’ re a foodie , you ’ re likely always looking for a new or more roons , using aquafaba as the binding agent instead of eggs . This allowed take center stage , instead of insipid sweetness . The aquafaba also does t egg white can ’ t even touch .
halva , matzah crunch , and cinnamon sugared matzo , that are a cut above
. aquafaba * r fine sugar ea salt ed unsweetened coconut ** s + more to garnish onut flour nut cream ced in half widthwise olate , about 70 %, chopped fine
a baking sheet with parchment . , coconut , sesame seeds , coconut flour , and coconut oil .
a mold , form your cookies , pressing half a date into the the mixture before placing it on the baking sheet . Bake lden , about 20 to 25 minutes .
aking sheet and allow to cool . Meanwhile , melt the choc- Once the chocolate is melted , use a fork to distribute the and resign yourself to the mess . Top with sesame seeds .
nd serve . Store in an airtight container for about a week .
re out 1 ½ c . of liquid from canned garbanzos . Place it in a alf and cool before use . Voila ! You have aquafaba !
istaken for desiccated coconut .
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A Nosh Jimcosky y Philip Jimcosky em, and if you’re a foodie, you’re likely always looking for a new or more aroons, using aquafaba as the binding agent instead of eggs. This allowed o take center stage, instead of insipid sweetness. The aquafaba also does at egg white can’t even touch. e halva, matzah crunch, and cinnamon sugared matzo, that are a cut above H SESAME AND DATES (VEGAN) p. aquafaba* er fine sugar sea salt ded unsweetened coconut** ds + more to garnish conut flour onut cream iced in half widthwise co ]KX] KY[BHHZ[Y]]\Y[ ۝] \[YHYY۝]\[۝][ H[ ܛH[\Y\\[[H]H[BHZ^\HYܙHX[]ۈHZ[Y] ZB[X]  HZ[]\˂Z[Y][[ YX[[KY[HBۘHH]H\Y[Y \HHܚ\X]HB[\Yۈ[\[HY\ˈ]\[YHYY˂[\KܙH[[Z\Y۝Z[\܈X]HYZ˂\H] H0Hˈو\]ZYH[Y\[ˈXH][B[[YܙH\K[HH[H]H\]XYXHBZ\Z[܈\X]Y۝] H[Y ]SۙH Mˈ[Y\\Y