CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 2

then. There was one lonely Mikkeller bottle at my lo- cal shop, and it had a crude drawing of Mikkel [Borg Bjergsø] on it. I made a short list of breweries I wanted to collaborate with, and Mikkeller was actually the first one I emailed.” Shore and Bjergsø eventually met in Philadelphia and discussed the possibility of working together. After what Shore calls, “a couple of months of badgering via email,” Bjergsø hired him to do make the label for I Hardcore You, a collaboration with Brew Dog. That first label was Shore putting his fingerprint on the brand. Today, he leads it. His characters, Henry and Sal- ly, are not only synonymous with the brand, but they are two of the most recognizable people in the beer in- dustry. “I had been working on the male character a bit be- fore I ever contacted Mikkeller,” said Shore. “He didn’t have a name then. He was just a dude with a hat that I enjoyed drawing. I felt if I developed characters and people connected with them that I would keep getting hired on to make more labels.” Those feelings proved correct, and he continued to be hired to create more labels. Then, in 2013, he was brought on as the full-time Mikkeller Art Director. COVER ARTIST PROFILE: KEITH SHORE By Colin Joliat Keith Shore’s work with Mikkeller started with one hardcore beer label, but it has grown into a worldwide artistic empire. Shore has been drawing since childhood, beginning with everyone’s favorite, the Garbage Pail Kids. The large-scale colored pencil drawings he created weren’t just taped to the fridge and forgotten after a week. His mother matted and saved them all. After realizing during high school that art could actually be a career, Shore began school at the Massachusetts College of Art. It wasn’t a straight line from orientation to graduation though, with Shore bouncing around to three different schools. “I never liked school,” said Shore. “I think that’s mostly because I didn’t have a clear direction on where I want- ed to end up afterward. But during my junior year I did some illustrations for a skateboarding magazine, and after a summer internship with them, they promised me a post-graduation design job.” The job working with Heckler, wouldn’t last long, but at that point, Shore was off to the races. He did freelance work for publications like Mark Ecko’s Complex and even created merchandise for The Shins. It was at this time that Shore’s interest in beer began growing, both for its assumed purpose and for the labels themselves. “In my opinion,” opined Shore, “there wasn’t a lot of ex- citing art and design happening in this industry back © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved. “I never imagined things would grow to where they stand now,” said Shore. “Back then I just wanted to make as many labels as I could.” This new role expands far beyond labels for Shore. He’s responsible for branding, merchandise, and the look and feel of Mikkeller’s 32 different bars around the world. All the extra work doesn’t mean he’s released his grip on the label maker though. He’s still creating over 150 labels per year. Bjergsø and Shore have also found a way to expand the art beyond the can and onto the wall through their new project, “Mikkeller Editions.” The shop currently con- sists of 10 screen-prints and risograph prints with more on the way. “My goal is to make our artwork available and collect- ible,” said Shore. “All of the art we release will only be available in limited editions, and everything is hand signed & numbered.” These new pieces should look nice when matted and hung next to his Garbage Pail Kids drawings. Much like Shore’s legacy of drawing has come full circle, so might “Mikkeller Editions.” What started as an art project could lead to its own series of “Editions” beers, prov- ing that it doesn’t matter if you put the cart before the horse so long as both of them are awesome. And finally, because good things come in threes, the cover Shore created for this issue is also a callback. The design is based on a label he and Mikkeller created for Kihoskh, a small shop in Copenhagen. The inspiration comes from a scene in When Harry Met Sally, which just so happens to be the origin of Shore’s famed char- acters’ names. It’s a perfect way to kick off CRAFT’s is- sue of “Classics.”