CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 19

HIBACHIBOT Food Truck – click here for the schedule! Cave Creek, AZ Mexorean fries! Bot Balls made of kimchi fried rice dipped in Bot sauce (gochujang)! A giant red robot! Who could ask for anything more? You can and they deliver, in the form of tacos and kimchi. The menu is centered around bulgogi, the delicious Korean bar- becue preparation that works on everything from beef and chicken to pork. Now, onto that giant red robot! Eddie Schenck isn’t only a slinger of bulgogi goodness, but an artist. He built the robot for a contest that never came to fruition, but it was all good because now everyone can enjoy their nosh under a really cool robot while having a Me- cha-good time. “You can’t get a better citrus & garnish knife than the Jackson Cannon Bar Knife!” -David Wondrich See what else we have in store! get yours here Ca n non Jac k son n ife K r a B MADE IN USA