CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 175

DK: We share the similar values of our com- pany. It’s about the end product and real- ly being the best. I’ve drunk a lot of coffee around the world, and so has Kirk and when we go travel it’s always, “who’s the local cof- fee roaster?”. We try to find these guys and girls when we’re out there, and Dark Matter always is the best. Who would you most like to see KHDK collaborate with in the future? DK: Honestly, I would love to do some food pairings. I was talking to a restaurant in New York called Olmsted about doing a Dark Mat- ter/Ghoul Screamer pairing. Even if it’s a cof- fee and donuts kind of dessert or something. Those are the kind of fun things we want to do. We might do some small collaborations with someone. Because we started the com- pany in Prague, we might collaborate with a small brewer there that I really love called Lenoch. They’re just in Pilsen, which is where the pilsner was born, and honestly, they make the best pilsner I’ve ever had. Tiny, tiny, tiny, brewery and it’s just honestly a perfect beer. They’re itty bitty. There’s one bar in Prague that serves it, and whenever I’m there, I’m there and wanting more. Kirk, you’ve been with Metallica since 1983. I’m sure the culinary landscape on tour has changed a little bit since then. What was the Metallica staple in the ear- ly years ... besides Jack Daniels? And if I found myself backstage today what I might find on the menu? KH: Back in those days my drink of choice was vodka; it sure has shifted a lot, I mean we are all a lot more health conscious now than in the early days when that wasn’t much of a concern! David, you grew up in Chicago, what do you miss when you’re away? DK: Half Acre is, I think, one of the top brew- eries. Everything that they make from Dai- sy Cutter to Pony. They’re also another one that’s on top of their game. They’re amazing. The thing I miss when I’m not in Chicago is Chicago pizza, Jewish delis, and Italian beef. Pequod’s is the best Chicago pizza. They’re definitely the spot to hit when you’re looking for Chicago pizza. © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.