CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 174

with fermentation and ages coffee in unique barrels. Do you see KHDK as pushing the envelope too when it comes to making guitar pedals? DK: Yeah, we started the company in 2012 and worked for 4 ½ years just developing before we did anything. So, it was just like creating, not rushing, really honing what we’re doing. And I feel like these guys do the same with WarPigs, with the Three Floyd’s and Mikkeller guys that own it. It’s a similar thing. Even though it is Kirk involved, we still are woodshedding at home working these things together, passing them back and forth, coming up with the best recipe for what we’re doing. So even though it’s a different thing, it’s the same thing. KH: Hell yes! We kick around some pretty insane ideas, though only some of them make it to the prototyping stage and even less into production. I’m glad that our engi- neer rarely ever says something is impossi- ble; for the most part, he is game to explore any brainwave I throw at him, whether that is … a fuzz pedal that sounds like an 8-bit video game!!! What was that collaboration process like for you guys? DK: With Dark Matter, I have the luxury of it being in Chicago, so I would go in and do tast- ings of what they had already brewed, then I sent Kirk everything that I liked. We came to where we were on the same page about the flavor notes, and then Jesse from Dark Mat- ter came up to Copenhagen to meet with Kirk and me. Then, based on that, we settled on what the coffee was going to be. And with WarPigs, because Kirk had played Copenhagen I was going over to WarPigs and doing tastings, we came up with the crazy idea of doing a pilsner since we started the company over pilsners. Then we paired it with an earl grey because we wanted a citrus note to it. It created just a really refreshing sour pil- sner, which I love personally. It was kind of a perfect mix of the brightness of a pilsner and the sour. Are you currently working on any new collaborations? DK: Right now, there isn’t really anything we’re reaching out for. We’re gonna do the Dark Matter thing again next year just be- cause the coffee was so good. It’s fun to work with them. Again, it’s not about making money; it’s about enjoying the people and their craft; seeing the creation, because it’s inspired us. It inspires them also. When you deal with people that are creative like this, it’s just a way for us to get inspiration and feed off of their inspiration for us to get better. And they obviously dig what you guys are doing too since they chose to collaborate with you as well.