CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 171

sands of them. It’s really about the quality of what we develop and the time we take… and nothing’s rushed. When you talk about making stuff in the US and really taking your time and working with the right people, you’re not making a lot of margins, or else it would just be too expensive for anybody, and it’s not about making money, it’s about inspiring people. The thing we love the most is when we hear somebody say, “you’ve inspired me to write another song, this has created something for me.” That’s what it’s about for us. KHDK has collaborated with some pret- ty iconic makers. WarPigs and Dark Matter are both at the top of their game when it comes to beer and coffee. Who had the crazy idea to pair beer and cof- fee with a guitar pedal? KH: We are extremely picky about who we collaborate with, but there are companies out there whose mission is so similar to ours that it just makes sense. They aren’t satisfied with doing something excellently; they want to take it further, discover new flavors, experiment, and really push the boundaries of what is possible within their genre. Whether that’s coffee or guitar tone, that obsession is the same. can we go get a good beer or a good glass of champagne, or where’s a good local restaurant?”. It was always bonding over food, and the music and the tone was al- most the easy thing…in the sense that we spoke the same language there. So, it was always, in our heads, kind of a natural pro- gression. I’m from Chicago, so I knew the Dark Matter guys just by going in the shop all the time. To me it’s the best coffee in the world, so last year I went in, and I was just like “hey, what do you think about do- ing something together?”. And you know, something we’ve always talked about do- ing is partnering with really, like you said, top of the game people that really have the same passion for their craft that we have for tone. That’s d VfFVǒFRF&GFW Bv%w2wW2FB&RW7BvƖrFG'FrBRrvRBb&RFv%w26V2FW27GR$%6VЦvVBF&GFW"2&V@6v&rvFv%w2BF&GFW 2G&'WFRFFB'6W76B2&ЦW2FW6R&Rw&VBVRFv&vFFWWBW2fRBb6FR7&VFfP&6W72WBvFFRF&GFW"7&WpFF7FR6WRbFV"&7G2BFW&WrRvFVvFRf&VBv26V"vW"f"R6rW"&W7B6bЦfVR2ƖR6V&6rf"FRW&fV7BwVF FSN( 2VFBFVWǒW'6'WB6R^( fRfVBBRW7BrD&BvR&FVBfW"fB&Vf&PvR&FVBfW"W62vVWfW"vRv6WvW&RvRv2FƲ&WBvW&^( 0FR&W7B6ffVRBFRFRBv2( vW&P*VG&VBFR2#r&vG2&W6W'fVB