CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 165

incarnation of Garden Path Fermentation that, at least on its surface, bears little likeness to how we thought it would look. Have we compromised our original vision? We’ve certainly faced choices where no op- tion was exactly what we would have liked for it to have been and encountered crossroads where no path obviously led to where we were hoping to go. At these junctions, rather than abandoning our journey entirely, we chose to accept setbacks, detours, and diversions, and to change course when we had to, so that we could continue on. The question for me isn’t whether we made compromises but wheth- er the cost of the compromises we made was greater or lesser than of those we did not, with respect to the overall integrity of the project. There may have been a way for us to open some variation of the farm setup we’d originally envi- sioned, but it would have come with significant limitations, especially on the tasting room side, that we were not willing to accept. Navigating that path would have also taken far longer than the 15 months we’ve already spent getting to where we are and cost much more than we had available to spend. We could have raised more money, and perhaps used some to buy us more time, but in order to do that, we would have had either to take on additional debt or to sacrifice some of our own equity in the project, which we were also unwilling to do. Instead, we chose a path that will allow us to start making the products we want to make, with the resources that we need to make them, possibly even by the end of this year, and to serve them to our guests in a pleasant, conve- niently located setting, with abundant outdoor space, surrounded by evergreens. We have land where we can begin growing our own in- gredients and what we cannot grow ourselves, we’re able to source nearby. After spending a year and a quarter in startup mode, we’re thrilled to move on to Phase 1 of our operation, while at the same time, we also continue to think ahead to what Phase 2 will look like, with our original, idealized image of Garden Path Fermentation still brightly painted © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.