CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 148

can put the wash in. If a distiller wants to make a spirit to a much higher proof, a column still is what he uses. They can make a spirit that is 95% alcohol (190 proof). Even with several distillations, a pot still could never produce a product with that high a proof. A column still is also a “fractional” still used in chemical plants, because they are able to pull dif- ferent fractions of the product with sev- eral boiling points off at various levels at the same time. Most bourbons are made in continuous column stills, as well as grain spirits in blended Scotches. Bran- dy, Armagnac, Vodka, Rum and Gin are made in column stills as well. The history of distilling and the equip- ment used is a lot more involved than this condensed version. I hope that I have touched on enough of the main points and have instilled a desire in you to research the subject in greater depth. There is so much more that can be dis- covered by reading about distilling in other countries. Each of the major distil- lates have voluminous books and articles on their spirit and the country of origin. The number of craft distilleries increases every day and the established big dis- tilleries have improved their tour expe- rience, so, V6Rvf6BFVB6VPvBFW&GV6RvFFRWVV@vRRvw2b^( vWB2ЧffVBvFB2fR'WBbRFvV6RRFFR6V"Gf6R*VG&VBFR2#r&vG2&W6W'fVB