CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 146

causing more of the heavier, oilier vapors to travel over into the condenser and create a fuller bodied spirit. However, a lyne arm turning downward by design allows heavi- er vapors to continue toward the condens- er. Sometimes a system will have a round shaped component called an onion between the pot and swan neck. This creates another area that is cooler than the rising vapors and will produce reflux. These parts can be cus- tomized depending on what spirit and flavor profile the distiller wants. Portuguese distillers using copper for their alembic systems goes back as far as their distilling of the aguardiente (alcoholic bev- erages). There are many reasons copper is used to make distilling equipment. A cou- ple being that it is malleable (easily formed into shapes) and ductile (easily pulled into pipe and wire). Copper may appear shiny and smooth, but if you look at it under a microscope, the surface actually looks like steel wool with lots of nooks and crannies for the heavier, larger distillate molecules to get s GV66W"GG&7G2BG2FFW6R7VFW2"6W"B&GFVVvrfЧf'2BVW2W"F7FFRF7Fr@6VƖrV6BFRB7F2FR'fVFR&R7W2ЧF'VBF6R66&FrFvBF7FFPFR7W7FW"vG2BvBVFFW0FWvBBFW&R&RF&VR"'G0b6W"B7FâFVB&GFЦVBBFW&r6Vf"&GfVЦFRv&W'26FFRFW&VB6V2ЦW6RFR&vW"VG2&R7WBBvVFV@F6W'F7V&RfFvRBFV7WBF&VB6RvFV66WF6ƗGFW "6WFW"67WGFW"FRV6R2FVআVFVBvF&vRF&66FBFR6W