CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 142

Paloma 4-pk • $17 Half-Seas Paloma comes dressed to the nines; I serve this delightful tequila and all-natural grapefruit soda to my guests chilled in its dapper can. Sparkling Caipirinha • $4 Novo Fogo Novo Fogo charges their or- ganic Silver Cachaça, lime, and sugar with a boatload of bubbles. Wherever there’s a can of Sparkling Caipirinha, there’s a party—no muddler required. Saúde! Chicago Mule 4-pk • $15 Chicago Distilling Chicago Distilling’s Ceres Vodka; spicy, small batch ginger beer, and a squirt a lime in one tidy package. Show up with a box of Chicago Mules under your arm and your host is sure to invite you back. Slow & Low • $5 Hochstadter’s Rock & Rye Rock and Rye is America’s fir The original dates back to the bartenders would add rock ca soften its edges. Hochstadte with rye whiskey; air dried nave ey, Angostura bitters, and just to stay true to its name. The i ceiving; this tasty cordial isn’