CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 132

ghurt and filled with cardamom, sugar and almonds, then fried. So different to anything else I’ve made. It felt so gratifying to see all her friends and family at the party enjoying my treats, and this inspired me to research more into Persian baking. warmth and conviviality. Their motto was “do what you have to do to make others feel good when eating here.” I try to remember this when I get too serious about the food itself and need to look at the bigger picture. What are your 3 favorite pieces of baking equipment or tools and why? From Sami and Yotam, I learnt to be bolder with flavours. If something is going to have spices or herbs, then go for it! Number 1 would have to be my small offset/ drop spatula. It is like an extension of my hands when I’m in the kitchen, small enough to carry in my back pocket and so useful for smoothing out cake batter in a pan, trimming parchment paper to size, and lifting cookies off a hot sheet pan. There is something really special that has been happening in the Ottolenghi incu- bator for years now, that we the grateful public, are happy to benefit from. What is it about the atmosphere there that has promoted this vortex of top notch food and creativity? As I love using orange and lemon zests in all sorts of things, a microplane grater is essen- tial. It makes zesting a breeze and so satisfy- ing to see the beautiful zest tumble down as you grate. And no more knuckle blood from those box graters! There is a real sense of openness to ideas. Anyone who feels passionate about doing or creating something will always be given the opportunity to show herself. And because of the openness and honest feedback at meet- ings, ideas are allowed to cross-pollinate and incubate. It is not for everyone—some find this candour a bit brutal and feel discouraged by it, but for those of us who value it, it pro- vides a creative challenge which I think takes us to the next level. Sieves or all different sizes. People are always trying to get away with not sifting their dry in- gredients. But it doesn’t take long to do, helps to lighten batters and distribute salt, baking powder and s 6W2WfVǒF&VvfW"6fRFR7Bb6Wfrg'VBW&VW2@6VVrFRfVfWG6V6Rf&VFW&VFvfR&VVW"7G&vW7B7VƖ'ЦfVV6W2BvגFW"v26VRvFw&VB6&PFFFw2&W&ǒvVvRvW&RƗGFR6RBƗGFRFRv6W6R&W7FRЧ&BBvRvVB7VBW'2gFW"666rfbFR7G&vvǒVG2b&V7&WG2ऒv267W'&6VBFV&FW"V'2F@BWfW'&GFW2F2fRW&FVBאFW.( 2VFF66VFG'vBWfFfv6R&W7FW&BFBג( &VF6W6( vFfR6&VV7G&rfVV6W'2g&FVV&BFPVrb7FƗG( 2FBfB2&&ǐfV6RF'&rVRFvWFW"B6pvB&RW"2ff&FR6&2@vFR6( 26'7FWRWЦFW.( FB2բ&VfW&V6R&vFf&ЧFFW6G2bw&VFVG2B&VǐvB&V6W2w&GFVV6W&vrvFRfB"'V榒;7WB&V6W6P67VƖ'W&BB6&r66ЦV6RBfB2&VWFgVFp7F'2FW76W'G2'V֖ǒV6WGF( 2F2v0RbFRf'7B&2&VvBvV7F'FV@&rBFRƖ&W&W6Rbg'VBW"6W0BFW76W'G2&Vǒ6VBvFR( 26RЧFrFFvFג6W&FvRFvW&Rg&W6g'VB266FW&VBvN( 26GखbR6VB&R6WFrf"RƗb