CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 13

Shawn Stevens Guest Contributor, The Copper Onion | Welder Fabricator, Vendome Copper & Brass Works Shawn Stevens became a Union Sheet Metal Worker in 1978 and has been employed at Vendome Cop- per and Brass Works, Incorporated since 2011. Last year he lectured at New Mexico State University on the history of Vendome in both a classroom setting and at a social tasting for a charity benefit. He has written articles for two web pages, The Alchemist’s Cabinet and The Whisky Chicks. He is a Bourbon Ambassador through the Stave & Thief Society and received his certification from the Distilled Spirits Epicenter in 2015. He not only is a member in good standing with The Bourbon Brotherhood but recently gave a historical tour of Vendome to 125 Brothers. He is scheduled to speak at The Theatre of the Dram symposium in October 2019 on the history of distilling equipment. Laura Tuohy Columnist | Pickle Lady, Kansas City Canning Co. A lifelong Midwesterner (save a near decade spent in NYC), Laura has been bewitched by the ritual of food and drink since birth. A mutual will to sustain intergenerational food practices led her to co-found Kansas City Canning Co. with her husband, merging modern approaches and traditional techniques of food preservation. With a focus on creating and sustaining collaborative relationships, they empha- size integrity of product, growing practices and local commerce—exploring narratives, culture and con- structs of craft food along the way. A therapist by day, she lives in Kansas City with her canning partner/Professional Chef husband and two very spoiled Boston Terriers, Louie and Frankie. Matt Williamson Columnist, Musicians on Craft | Sound Engineer Matt might best be known to CRAFT readers as the former producer of our Under My Host podcast. An audio engineer by trade, his first love affair (with beverage anyway, he won’t discuss Jenny from the 4th grade) was with a beer named Gordon. Some may know it as the Imperial Red IPA brewed by Oskar Blues and now being called G’Knight for legal reasons (to him it will always be his beloved Gordon). That first sip sent him on a journey that plopped him in the Under My Host producer’s chair where he helped interview the best brewers, distillers, and vintners in the world. He is also recently very happy that, de- spite Cori’s best attempts, he never embraced the moniker Matty CK*. *Publisher’s Note: Cori ungrudgingly withdraws said moniker and reinstates “Producer Matty.” Aromaticus bitteris