CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 117

Pierde Almas are doing their part to strengthen it along with their community. The funny thing is that in the beginning this wasn’t supposed to be a business, just making tasty mezcal for the fun of it. But after a tasting where they couldn’t fill the glasses fast enough, they changed their minds. Jonathan founded Pierde Almas on the principals of altruism and simplicity. For starters, they believed in always respecting the produc- ers in the communities and to give back to them. Over time they have done this not only by buy- ing their crops, but in replenishing the old med- ical clinic, painting basketball courts, building a library, and in reforestation. They didn’t want to take from the community but to be a part it. When it comes to simplicity, the idea was that “if this is the way they drink it in the mountains of Oaxaca, this is how it must be brought to the public.” They do not and will not adulterate their booze and believe in tradition. From the field to the glass, the spirits of Pierde Almas have a noble goal. I know that this is one glass of whiskey this writer is going to feel good about pouring. © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.