CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 99

its copper fermentation tank, was more figu- ratively caressed by the music. But it was no less cultivated by the soundwaves, and the romance of fermentation is no less apt. Sens- es are meant to be experienced in tandem, in trinity. Credit: Adelle Brodbeck for Against the Grain Brewery But before we got down to the business of brewing, we found ourselves sucked into their whirlwind, their Kentuckian tornado of hospitality and words and ideas: They had a plan, and we needed bikes. (I admit I was ex- pecting cars, fast cars. On our previous visit, we’d raced cops through downtown Louis- ville in a sleek black Mustang. And won.) On bikes, we charged down streets to check out Copper and Kings American Brandy distill- ery, makers of brandy, absinthe, and gin. This was, in more ways than were first ap- parent to me, a relevant encounter. These guys are visionaries in their industry, known among those who know as the punk rockers of the b [Hܛ [\HYXY\[\[[&Q[Y[ۈH\وB\][ۋHX\ۜX[YHX\YH\[Έ\\XY[[K[\BXXY܈HX[[H؈[[ۙ[\H[HY&]]] K[BHXYY]\[ˈ[]\X˂ۜ[]\Xˈ\[^\ ]]\HۈH܈\H[B[܋\YY[\[[KBXH]HXˈHX][ۜHZY Y\H\]ZY[YHH\[[ݚ[[^H[ܙHو]HZ]8&\Y[[^B\H[و\]8'[HH[H[œ\K'HH\X[^\Y[HوH]\Xš\]\[K[]][H]܋KY\˂\Y[]UY&]\[\™^\Y[H[H^H^Hˈ^B[Y\^\Y[HH\\Y[[وZ\ۈ܈\[\ˈ[HY\[[ˈY\H\[[ٝ\[ X[H[[H]^HZ[ H[]]X] B[H[ݙYۋXۈ\Z\[œۙ[Xܛۈ\YH\[[YH\[H]وۈXZ[] P Z\ݚ[x&\Y[Z[[[\[ B\H\]\[ K[ۈ[H][[]Y[8&\Y\]][K\[XYHZY[Y[\HH[X[HوZ\ݚ[x&\œ[˂]H\[&]\\H\KHY]HYHܚ˂^Hˈ]^KHY]\]U˜]\[Y[XH[YܙHH]X\[[\[[\H[[][[X\Y]H\YY ˜[XHYK]Y\Y\و\[Y[ݙ\[H^[]H[[KX܋X\[[[X][HYH\Y\&\[[[^\YYY XYHX[[YKBX[ [ZX[ X]H[[]K[Y[XB\Y[[]\[H[ܙYY[“\[H[x&\]܈ٚ[K[H][&]XX[HH\[YY\]\YYۈ[H[Y ]SۙH Mˈ[Y\\Y