CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 95

(TAHINI SHORTBREAD COOKIES CONT.) SESAME SEEDS Sesame seeds may be the oldest condiment known to man. They have a high oil content and are the main ingredi- ent in tahini. You can buy them toasted or untoasted. We prefer to buy them toasted for baking purposes because they are drier and will stick to what you are baking more easily. To toast your own sesame seeds, use a small non- stick pan over medium-low heat and spread sesame seeds in an even layer in the pan. Stir them every 30 seconds and continue to toast them until they are golden brown, about 4 minutes. You know you’re obsessed with tahini when the thought of drinking it seems a perfect idea. This is a very rich treat, best served in small cups ]\[YHYY[HXوZH[ۈ \HBX[][ۈو]\Y][[Z[]H܈H\X^\H[X\ˈ\]B\\[[[[K[H \]X[]H]H[ X\[ۘK[HH]\BY]]H] \[X[˂PRT Lxa UPT•RSHUB[\Z[]KY[\]\Y]]H \[X[KY xa \HZ[Œxa \Z[H YHYH JBLxa X\ۜ\[xa \\Y\[YHYY YHYH B]\H[X[HH]\[H[]\YKX[HHZ[[Z[H[H]X\[ݙ\YY][HX] [\[\H[ \[[ܜܘ]BHZ[K\HZ[Z^\H[Hو]H[]\YH܈  HZ[]\[[H]H\[[Y[Y \]HX\][H[[H]\[Y[ ۘHHZ^\H\[ \Yܛ\H܂\H[[[Y\[ۈ[\[[[[ YH[ \K\[X[\[\[]\Y\[YHYY[H[و]\H[ TSQHQQ”\[YHYYX^HHH\ۙ[Y[ۛۈX[^H]HHY[۝[[\HHXZ[[BܙYY[[Z[K[H[^H[H\Y܈[\Y HY\^H[H^H[H\Y܈Z[œ\\X]\H^H\HY\[[X][H\HZ[[ܙHX\[K\[\ۈ\[YBYY\HHX[ۜX[ݙ\YY][K[X][XY\[YHYY[[][^Y\[H[\[H]\H Xۙ[۝[YH\[H[[^H\H[ۋX] Z[]\˂RSB\\H\XYH][Y\[YHYYˈ]\H]\Y] ]H]܈[Hۙ\[ܙX[^H^ B\KZ[H\[\[X[[ܙYY[[X[HYۘ]\HZYHX\\\\[[ۙ[H[[]\[XB[\ YH[Y\X[Z[\\H\H]\ٝ[[Y []HH[H^\KYHZ[HY[\˜]\HY[YH[ X[[[YHوH]\\] \H\[YH\H]H[\\]\HZ^\H[H\YYܙH]8&\\Y HX[Y[ܚ[][HYY\]܈Y\]8&\›[Y HݙHH[[KX\H\\\Yܙ[XZ[HH\^H [KJK]\]Z[XH]KBX[Hܛ\܈ۈ[X^ۋH[X[Y[H\\Y\Z[HH[\[YKX[H[ܙ\][\[YKK[H[XܙX[^HH[H[Y[XH Y˘JKX[B[[ۛ[HH]\[\\˂\[Y]\Z\[ۈHٜ[Z^H[Hܝ[[X]\H[]X MX\YH[YY\[[\[و[Z[[B\H˂ܘ\\Y0H Mܚ\[ZY