CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 89

cookbooks. AS: Travel is research. Many trips abroad and lots of reading. Lots of tasting (sometimes 4 lunches in one day and lots of watching. What are your current favorite cookbooks and why? MF: My new favorite is Dana Cree Hello, My Name is Ice Cream, because I would love to add ice cream to our Sofra selection in the future (a dream of mine). AS: I love the Deborah Madison’s in my kitchen right now. I also am enjoying Oklava, Istanbul (by Rebecca Seal), and The Spice Companion. Ana, I read in Soframiz that your husband supplies vegetables to your restaurants from his farm. How did this come about? Did the restaurants facilitate the farm? AS: I married a farmer! He was already farming when I met him! What is your personal culinary philosophy? MF: Delicious first. Our desserts were described once as "stunningly original,” after that I thought I could re- tire, but instead it has made me want to keep our stan- dards that high. Keep challenging yourself. A