CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 87

If you’re a foodie on Instagram, there is a pretty good chance that you follow what is happening in the restaurant kitchens of Maura Kilpatrick and Ana Sortun. Their popular restaurants turn out food as delicious as it is beautiful. Last year, the pair put out the cookbook, Soframiz, dedicated to the sweet and savory Middle Eastern baked goods they serve at their Cambridge, MA bakery and cafe, Sofra. Since then, they have become darlings of the foodie cult thanks to the fact that they make the food we want to eat and write solid recipes. The pair were gracious enough to take part in this Q&A and share their recipes for Sesame Cashew Bars, Tahini Hot Chocolate, and Tahini Shortbread Cookies. Enjoy! Tell me about the moment you fell in love with the foods of the Eastern Mediterranean? MF: I fell in love slowly, the more I learned. The job came first, working with Ana, and then I spent a lot of time learning and testing and tasting. Soon I real- ized how much more fun I could have and take more chances than other pastry chefs with this cuisine, it’s an amazing opportunity to keep learning about food and challenging myself. AS: In 1997, I was working at Harvard Square’s Casa- blanca restaurant, cooking Mediterranean food mostly inspired by my travels to Italy, Spain and the south of France. While at Casablanca, I was invited by Ayfer Un- sal (whom you all will meet and who came to me via Oldways by the way!) to visit Turkey for the first time and to study the cuisine from her hometown, Gazien- tep. When I thought about going to Turkey, I imagined genies and flyi \]ˈHYYXKHH\^H\[ܛ[[^Y[\ ]\[H\ٙHX\]Y[X\H]^Y\HY]ۈܝ[HYH\[H[YHX^HH[H[ۙY]\ ۙ[ˈBY]\[\\[]HYHݙ\Y[]Y[۸&]\X[HHX\] \H\’OHۈݙ\H^\\H [\[[]X]\H]]8&\HY[[ܞHوHXH]܈YB]\]Y[YH^HXYܙ]\]\H\[œ[[H][][ۈ[^H\Y\\HY\Y[ܘX[\H]YHH[YH[XH[H\ˈ]\[ۙH\\YH]ܚ]BX\H ^Y\XYHYHXZHۙHJH[\H\B[X^[\\XY]HۙH[وHKBHH\H\Y]\H[HۙH[]\˜[[[Z[X\Y]\HX[\^ HX[^Y]HY\Y \\\[X[HXZ[^H^BYH X\H\[Y[H[HY&]Y[\XK][YH]ܜ\H\^ B\\\HY \YXHوZ[X]X]H\Y][]܈YKx&]HY[Y[H]^H[]\[YH^HH܋B]\]X[YHHYHH\Hۈ[H^ܙY[ܙYY[X\X\\[X\]Y\][X[BZ[\]^Hۈ[HوYY]\[X[B[]\[\[\]]H][\YH]HX\Y[۝[YHX\H][\^B[\\وHYY]\[X[[\ٜ[Z^\Y[HYH]ܚ]B[H]8&\ MX] Y[H^XH\ۜB܈\H[H\\Y“Q\Hܘ]Y[ H^XY\ٜH\Y\[XXH] []H\[[\\[ZYBX\\ ]\ܙX][Z[˂TΈH\Hܙ]\ܘ]Y[ HY^X][ۜ˂H\[Yܚ]HHܞHX]\ܚ[KB][ۜ\[]]Y[]H^B]ٜKY[H[HH\وܚ][H؛•\\H[][X]H\]\[B^XY“Q]\]X][[ۈ]Z[ X\H\BHYHX[HݙK[^XY\H[[[ق[YH]]\YX[[H[X[ۈ]HZ\KH[ZH^\[ٙX[ۈ[B]\KTΈYX[HX\]H[ܚ][[^\[H[YHܛX]]\ܙX]YX]وKB][X][ۋx&[H\\Y]\H\H[HYY[[Y]H[H]\K]\[\[\[[[B][[[HX\\YY]\[X[[O“QݙYH\^[XZ[\[[ XZ[]H[YH^H܈H[\K[ݙY\YHBHYHX\H[Z[\^H\KBH[Y ]SۙH Mˈ[Y\\Y