CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 82

and cookie dough to carrot cake, cream cheese frosting, toffee, sticky buns, and baklava. Even the pints are hand-packed, “lovingly” as Grace says, with spoons. The flavor stickers are applied by hand, as well. COFFEE TOFFEE CARAMEL What’s the process like? “A big challenge is getting permits—the majority of ice cream companies buy a generic base mix- ture, and do not use their own recipe,” says Connor. After the base is made, in small batches, the mix-ins are hand-stirred in; the pints filled with spoons, also by hand. The mix-ins are made fresh the day before being mixed into the ice creams. Her favorite flavor? She has a soft spot for her triple cookie dough as it was the first flavor she invented—and she’s always loved cookie dough. She also released a baklava flavor that’s “really awesome,” and in the past, has concocted a frosted animal cracker and carrot cake flavors. The company keeps releasing new flavors ev- ery month and intends to keep it that way, even while attending Grace attends Stan- ford. “I’ll be flying back to Boston a lot,” Grace says. While at Stanford, Grace says maybe she’ll study product design or electrical engi- neering, “because I put A LOT of mix-ins in the ice cream and could use something new.” The current machinery just ain’t cut- ting it. And, no longer being the sole em- ployee of her company also helps in terms of Little G running smoothly while she is away. Back when Grace was sick, making and eating ice cream brought her joy. So, she tries to give back as much as she can: she donates to charities like The Jimmy Fund Clinic at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,