CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 81

Grace Connor is the young queen of ice cream. Her love of baking started at the age of 6, and even- tually progressed into her hob- by-turned-business of crafting in- dulgent and delicious homemade ice cream flavors. Grace launched her passion into a full-blown busi- ness at the age of 17β€”Little G Ice Cream Co.. Along the way, Connor hasn’t had it easy, and yet, she per- sisted. While in high school, Connor fell ill, missed a few months of school, and a tumor was discovered at the base of her brain. She underwent surgery that left her with some life-threatening problems when all was said and done. From there, she worked towards recovery with the help of her passions: baking, sweets, and ice cream, and has not only created a lovingly handcrafted ice cream company, but she has bounced back from her illness, graduated high school, and looks forward to attending Stanford in the fallβ€”all while keeping her ice cream business top of mind. Now 18 years old now, Connor is a Bosto- nian born and raised. She grew up playing competitive junior squash, baking, and she also plays the viola and harp. She made her ice cream dreams a reality and began of- ficially selling her ice cream in January of 2016. However, Grace has been crafting fla- vors for years priorβ€”she received her first ice cream machine at age 8. What makes Little G so special, aside from its awe-inspiring, industrious young found- er, is the crafting of the product its •±˜Έ)Ν΅…±°½Α•Ι…Ρ₯½Έ°₯Ή₯Ρ₯…±±δΙΥΈ½Ή±δ‰δΙ…”)‘•ΙΝ•±˜°•Ω•ΙεΡ‘₯Ήœ₯́΅…‘”™Ι½΄ΝΙ…э Έ)YIeQ!%9ΈΙ½΄Ρ‘”‰…Ν”½˜Ρ‘”₯”)Ι•…΄°‘½έΈΡΌ•… …Ή•Ω•Ι䁡₯ΰ΅₯Έ₯Έ΄)Ι•‘₯•ΉΠ聙ɽ΄™Υ‘”‰Ι½έΉ₯•Μ…Ή…Ι…΅•°+ €!ΥΉ‘Ι•΅ΡΌ΅=Ή”11 €ΘΐΔάΈ±°Ι₯‘Ρ́ɕ͕ΙΩ•