CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 7

CRAFT by Under My Host ® Issue 14 // Autumn 2017 Table of Contents Features 2. Cover Artist Profile: Adam Forman by Colin Joliat 20. Scotch Trooper images and captions by Brett Ferencz 24. Romesco Sauce by Leetal Arazi 28. Jerry Gnagy in Brazil by Jerry Gnagy 38. Shedding Light on Maple Syrup Grades by Daniel Cosman 64. Cannabis Grows Up: The New Guard by Damian Magista 70. Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics by Warren Bobrow, Intro by Cori Paige 74. Candy Is Magic by QUIN Candy’s Jami Curl 86. Q&A with Ana Sortun & Maura Kilpatrick by Erin Jimcosky 96. The Notorious ATG by Matt Pond 122. Part III: Our Journey Down the Garden Path: Adventures in Brewery Startup by Amber Watts 126. My Vegan Cookery by Debbie Adler 140. Tracking Down the Craft Movement by Brian Sullivan 146. Sparta Mushrooms and the Science of Cultivation by Erin Jimcosky 166. Whisky: Down the Rabbit Hole by Craig Johnstone Columns 14. Applied Science by Erin Jimcosky 22. Current Jams by Cori Paige 32. BarBarella: 21 ST Century Bar Stock by Cori Paige 42. Maple Staples by Cori Paige 46. Harry Potter’s Steak and Kidney Pie by Erin Jimcosky 48. No Concessions Stand by Cori Paige 50. Sci-Fi Standoff by Cori Paige 60. Back in Black: The Dark Side of the Bar 78. 80. 104. 136. 156. 170. by Cori Paige Tisane in the Membrane by Cori Paige Makers & Shakers: Little G Ice Cream With Founder Grace Connor by Nicole Cassese “What About Second Breakfast?” by Erin Jimcosky Cookshelf: It’s About the Journey by Erin Jimcosky Weird, Wild, and Wonderful by Cori Paige Musician on Craft: Sam Beam of Iron and Wine by Heath Rosenbaum © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.