CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 69

and will, “offer some really fun, lighthearted approaches to edibles in the realm of high- end junk food treats, but still made with qual- ity, whole ingredients,” according to Solomon. ing and rattling with fading rage. Not many in the industry are worried. The winds are in their favor. We are thankfully entering an en- lightened era. Ake and Solomon are positive about the fu- ture of cannabis. There is a place for Leif Goods among the inevitable big players that will move in. They are confident their commit- ment to quality, creativity, and solid branding will allow them to carve out a solid niche in this fledgling industry. THE FUTURE Cannabis is here to stay. It’s not going away. The industry will continue to grow on the state level and eventually the federal. We will see big players come in creating consumer brands of questionable quality. We will see buyouts of small and medium sized business just as we currently are in the craft brewery industry. Cannabis creates jobs and contributes to the economy. Federal legalization is on the horizon. Attor- ney General Jeff Sessions and his quixotic battle are doomed. Not even Sancho Panza will follow him into battle against the wind- mills of legalization. Congress recently denied him funding for increased enforcement of his absurd war against cannabis. The majority of Americans are in favor of federal legalization. The old guard is in death throes, bones clank- The people we have to thank for the matura- tion of the cannabis industry are dedicated entrepreneurs like Mercille, Petrinovich, Ake, and Solomon. They are pioneers in the emerg- ing market. It’s their vision laying the ground- work for the next evolution of consumable cannabis. Like any business, risks abound, but thankfully, legal persecution has ceased to be one of them.