CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 55

Wes Mickel Founder/Winemaker, Argus Cidery Sci-Fi Snacking: Ginger Perry and Apple Bomb with The Chocolate Coconut Bites Coconut and milk chocolate play off of the fruity, spicy flavors of Ginger Perry and the nutty, salty dark choc- olate Coconut Bites complement Apple Bomb’s sweet, slightly oaky notes. Are you a Kirk or an Ackbar? Kirk. Mind meld. I can’t do it, but sometimes I think I can. Ackbar is on a level I can’t attest to. Would you rather grab a drink at the Mos Eisley Cantina or Ten Forward? Mos Eisley, only without the new CGI lineup. The place is a real shithole. Would you rather drink Blue Milk or unsynthe B^Y][[[O’HX[H۸&][ZHH]H]\Y\BYو[[ˈ\X[K\H\[YܜBX]]]] [[H]\]HHܘH܈]^YKB\]O•HܘK\[X[\H]H[Y []8&\BH\][ۘH[H[XYZ[˂[[H]\[[ ][Y\܈H[BX]– U[[^K[[H]\[]H] B]܈H[ܚX[\\HܘX[[ۙ\[[Z[[HZYHH[H[\\H[H[][H[H[ZK\X\HX Y]\[Y\B[][XY][Y H[[HZ[][܈\[[K]8&\]H[[]\Hو\\B]\H\\Y\H]K[^H]H[X\[[K NN X]H[YKB[[YH^H\H[H\H[B[][ۜ˂[[H]\]HH]X[]\HوBY\][ۈ܈[H]\[\Z[HوB\\[^O’H[\[H]H[[x&[H]H\H[Bۙ][[[\[YHYHܛHK[B[\\H\Y&]X]\H^Hۙ]B\HHY\[][وܘ^H^[ۙ[][˜HH][[ˈ]8&\H^HZH8&\[[H]HYX[H^Z[[Z\[X[]K[[H]\H[\ۙ\[H[KB[H]Xx&\[XH܈HZ’ZY[\Z\[\ H\BX[Hۛ] H]X[]HوYHY[\H]B]\H\XHۙ\ \^H\܋H[Y ]SۙH Mˈ[Y\\Y