CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 55

Wes Mickel Founder/Winemaker, Argus Cidery Sci-Fi Snacking: Ginger Perry and Apple Bomb with The Chocolate Coconut Bites Coconut and milk chocolate play off of the fruity, spicy flavors of Ginger Perry and the nutty, salty dark choc- olate Coconut Bites complement Apple Bomb’s sweet, slightly oaky notes. Are you a Kirk or an Ackbar? Kirk. Mind meld. I can’t do it, but sometimes I think I can. Ackbar is on a level I can’t attest to. Would you rather grab a drink at the Mos Eisley Cantina or Ten Forward? Mos Eisley, only without the new CGI lineup. The place is a real shithole. Would you rather drink Blue Milk or unsynthe- sized Romulan ale? I really don’t want to look like I blew a Smurf after a night of drinking. Usually, there is enough to worry about without that. Would you rather have The Force or Betazoid te- lepathy? The Force. Us humans are shitty enough, and that’s a whole other level once you can read minds. Would you rather pilot an X-wing Fighter or a Run- about? X-Wing all day. Who would you rather go into battle with, the Ewoks or the Andorians? Apart from cracking open cold ones and enjoying them straight from the can, try Ginger Perry in a Moscow Mule and the demi-sec Apple Bomb (sweeter than Cider- kin, but still not back sweetened) in any cocktail that calls for sparkling wine. It’s pretty stunning with just a shot of cassis! Ewoks party harder after a battle. And they live in Marin County. So, 1980 hot tub post battle and some- thing tells me they are not held to the four bottle Pliny allocations. Would you rather live the utopian future of the Federation or in the lawless uncertainty of the Star Wars galaxy? I think currently live in both and I’m pretty sure Kim Jong-un and Trump came through a worm hole, and the Enterprise just didn’t follow because they knew those two where a different level of crazy beyond anything close to the Romulans. That’s why they look like POD’s, and people have difficulty explaining their humanity. Would you rather be held prisoner in a golden bi- kini at Jabba’s Palace or by Kahn? Kahn seems misunderstood. He is a dick, and he knows it. The quality of life seems a little better. To be perfectly honest, gold is not my power color. © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.