CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 54

Erin Jimcosky CRAFT’s Food Editor Sci-Fi Snacking: Brouweij De Molen Mout & Mocca with Mint Chocolate Chip Malt Balls Mint, chocolate, malt, and mocha are a really indulgent combina- tion, which makes Mout & Mocca and the Mint Chocolate Chip Malt Balls a great pairing here. Mint and mocha are a classic fla- vor combination. But, my favorite part is the interplay between the roasted malt from the beer and the sweet malt from the can- dy add a really delicious complexity to the combo. Would you rather get blind drunk with Worf or Chewbac- ca? Definitely Chewbacca. I love Worf, but Chewbacca would be down to raise some hell. Worf would just get all prideful and want to sing songs about honor and tell me legends about Sto’Vo’Kor. I think there is a good chance Chewbacca and I would wake up hungover in the cargo hold of a spice freighter halfway to Kessel and have to fight our way off. Then we’d have to piece together the night before to figure out what happened to Han. The Star Wars prequels, pretty good or dead to you? What prequels? Seriously, George Lucas wouldn’t screw with a masterpiece by making a totally CGI piece of shit, much less make three that include Michelle Tanner in alien form, emotion- less acting, and a creepy paedo vibe. That’s crazy talk. I can’t believe you even asked me that. What would you rather bring to a space fight a light saber or a bat’leth? Both. I’d MacGyver them together to make one super sword. Would you rather grab a drink at the Mos Eisley Cantina or Ten Forward? Mos Eisley, definitely. What’s not to love about hanging out in a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Would you rather drink Blue Milk or unsynthesized Romu- lan ale? Romulan Ale because who doesn’t love being a scofflaw now and again. Would you rather have The Force or Betazoid telepathy? Do you even need to ask me this? The Force, obviously. This is the difference between being one with the world around you, possessing incredible ass kicking abilities, not to mention I could use The Force to bring me a beer, or having strong feelings about people. The choice is simple. Who bums you out harder, Jar Jar Binks or Neelix? Jar Jar Binks. You know why. We all know why. Would you rather eat replicated meals or Star Wars-style MREs? Neither. I’d be like Picard’s brother or Sisko’s dad and insist on real cooking. Brouwerij de Molen sources the coffee for this imperial stout from a small roaster in The Hague. The freshly roast- ed beans are added after the primary fermentation to in- fuse their flavor, without the bitterness.