CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 52

Fred Bueltmann Beervangelist; New Holland Brewing & This Craft Nation Sci-Fi Snacking: Dragon’s Milk Reserve - Mexican Spice Cake with Jessie’s Dark Chocolate Nutty Cups New Holland gives their bourbon barrel-aged fan favorite a seasonal mini-makeover with the addition of vanilla, cinnamon, and warm chilies. Dragon’s Milk is part of the New Holland core lineup, but Mexican Spice Cake is a limited release; get this sumptuous stout while you can! Dragon’s Milk’s chocolate notes are enlivened by the spice of chilies and cinnamon and enriched by va- nilla. This is a lively sip that will punch through the darkness of the theater, and accentuate the excite- ment of galactic battles, intriguing creatures and the ever shifting fight between good and evil; light and dark. Would you rather get blind drunk with Worf or Chewbacca? I imagine that the three of us would be happy in the same bar, however, if it comes down to a running buddy for a bender, it’s Chewy, all the way. Worf is a little tightly wound at times, and his inner-Frasier might start to sneak out after a dozen drinks. Chewy is like the Charlie Murphy of the Star Wars Galaxy. Hysterical, loyal and an expert with the non-verbals. No matter how far out there things got, we’d be on the same page, have each other’s backs and know when to run. What would you rather bring to a space fight a light saber or a bat’leth? Without any doubt, light saber. Reach, power, port- ability, the sound -- and well, it’s a light saber! I suppose I might still like a bat’leth tucked away in case of power failure. I’m also bringing a light saber because I know what Garrett Oliver’s packin’, and I want to be prepared. Would you rather have The Force or Betazoid telepathy? The Force never dies. It is our compass towards harmony and light, knowledge and grace. Using the force makes for remarkably memorable beer and food pairings, as well as deliciously adventurous cocktails. Mindfully and gracefully combine flavors, we must. May the force-meat be with you.