CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 52

Fred Bueltmann Beervangelist; New Holland Brewing & This Craft Nation Sci-Fi Snacking: Dragon’s Milk Reserve - Mexican Spice Cake with Jessie’s Dark Chocolate Nutty Cups New Holland gives their bourbon barrel-aged fan favorite a seasonal mini-makeover with the addition of vanilla, cinnamon, and warm chilies. Dragon’s Milk is part of the New Holland core lineup, but Mexican Spice Cake is a limited release; get this sumptuous stout while you can! Dragon’s Milk’s chocolate notes are enlivened by the spice of chilies and cinnamon and enriched by va- nilla. This is a lively sip that will punch through the darkness of the theater, and accentuate the excite- ment of galactic battles, intriguing creatures and the ever shifting fight between good and evil; light and dark. Would you rather get blind drunk with Worf or Chewbacca? I imagine that the three of us would be happy in the same bar, however, if it comes down to a running buddy for a bender, it’s Chewy, all the way. Worf is a little tightly wound at times, and his inner-Frasier might start to sneak out after a dozen drinks. Chewy is like the Charlie Murphy of the Star Wars Galaxy. Hysterical, loyal and an expert with the non-verbals. No matter how far out there things got, we’d be on the same page, have each other’s backs and know when to run. What would you rather bring to a space fight a light saber or a bat’leth? Without any doubt, light saber. Reach, p vW"'BЦ&ƗGFR6VBBvVN( 2ƖvB6&W"7W6R֖vB7FƖR&N( WFGV6VBv66RbvW"fW&R( 6'&vrƖvB6&W &V6W6RrvBv'&WGBƗfW.( 26( BvBF&R&W&VBvVBR&FW"fRFRf&6R"&WF@FVWFFRf&6RWfW"FW2B2W"672Fv&G0&BƖvBvVFvRBw&6RW6pFRf&6RW2f"&V&&ǒV&&R&VW BfB&w22vV2FVƖ6W6ǒGfVGW&W066F2֖FgVǒBw&6VgVǒ6&Rff'2vRW7BFRf&6RVB&RvFR