CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 5

Letter From the Publisher “Sci-Fi & Fantasy” AUTUMN // 2017 In retrospect, film genres were an appropriate theme choice for us, since it’s no CRAFT deadline with- out a little (sometimes a lot of) drama in our story arc before we can reach our happy ending. It had already been one crazy summer when just a week before publishing our autumn issue, the system I use to design and layout CRAFT (yes, I wear those hats, too) took an eternal slumber, and along with it went a significant amount of content and tools. As you do when you fall off your trusty steed, I brushed myself off and returned to save the day … or at least the next installment of “Let’s go to the movies!” In this issue, we have a lot of fun playing off our theme “Sci-Fi & Fantasy,” and then some. Erin Jim- cosky lets her nerd flag fly high with Hobbit meal recs, a Hogwarts mess hall menu, and she digs up the skinny on the science of cultivated ‘shrooms. We pit Trekkies against Wookiees and stock the bars of Middle-earth, the future, and the dark side. Additionally, Matt Pond waxes eloquent about Against the Grain Brewery and their Matt Pond PA (Pale Ale) collaboration. Heath Rosenbaum bro-crushes on Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam, and Nicole Cassese shares a few cold pints (of dairy) with ice cream entre- preneur and wunderkind Grace Connor in her column Makers & Shakers. Among the columns and arti- cles you expect to see in CRAFT, you’ll find some cannabis-related content. I realize some might find the subject controversial, perhaps even offensive, but as legalization continues to pass throughout the United States, I thought it was high time we introduce readers to legal growers and makers that work with cannabis and start endorsing responsible use. On a more personal note, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate our beloved Food Editor and CRAFT photographer duo, Erin and Philip Jimcosky on the birth of their beautiful baby girl. We’re all so excit- ed to meet the little lady! In no small part because word on the street is our rosy bundle’s part Ewok … or was it Jawa? May the Force be with their new family, and you all. Happy autumn! CoRI Cori Paige Founder & Publisher CRAFT by Under My Host Founder/Publisher Cori Paige For advertising opportunities, please email: Food Editor Erin Jimcosky CRAFT subscriptions are free. Subscribe here. Associate Editor Nicole Cassese Copy Editor Jonathan Stull To view our magazine as intended: Download the free Joomag app Search for “CRAFT by Under My Host” Add us to your library © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.