CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 45

serving of company, but Coppers Sugarwood is so pleasing neat that I haven’t honored other ingredients with its presence, yet. Allow me our honeymoon phase. STONY BROOK WHOLEHEARTEDFOODS MAPLE PEPITAS • $3 Stony Brook’s relationship with Martin Farms benefits everyone. The farm hands off the pumpkin and butternut squash seeds left over from processing—you know, those convenient packages of ready-to-cook squash in the fridge and freezer section—to Stony Brook, rescuing them from compost heaps and landfills and the maker upcycles them into gorgeous oils and pepitas! The pumpkin seeds come from a squash Martin Farms grows specifically for its large, hull-less, forest green (hello, chlorophyll!) seeds. Before the seeds are roasted in Shaver Hill Farms maple syrup, they are brined in a sea salt solu- tion overnight, to season them through and to provide a crispier pepita. BLIS GOURMET FISH SAUCE • $18 BLiS Fish Sauce begins with the gold standard of fish sauce, Red Boat and they only improve on it from there. The seven months spent in retired bourbon barrels that previously held BLiS maple syrup transforms the pungent elixir into a softer and smoky version of its former self. Use this umami bomb in dressings, marinades, soups, and even cocktails (War Pigs Whiskey)! © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.