CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 43

stapleS COSMAN & WEBB TOWNSHIPS ORGANIC MAPLE SUGAR • $12 CAD & MAPLE SYRUP, 375ML • $14 CAD “If you want to taste uniqueness, buy maple syrup from a farmer.” Sound advice from farmer and maple syrup producer Daniel Cosman. Like any agricultural product, the land maple trees grow on, the farmer who tends to them, and the way the syrup is handled—from tap to bottle—make all the difference. Cosman & Webb tastes nothing like the syrups filling the shelves of your local super store, and it isn’t meant to. Even single origin sap varies from the first week of sugaring season to the last (The reasons why are so fascinating, but I’m limited on space. Perhaps, we’ll get Daniel Cosman to explain why in the future!), but there’s a sweet spot where the syrup produced is so good, with just the right flavor, and just the right color that it becomes worthy of the Cosman & Webb label, and that’s the only syrup they bottle. To learn more about the maple syrups grading system, see Shedding Light on Maple Syrup Grades. Cosman & Webb evaporates their end of the season syrup until crystallization occurs, then they run the granulated maple through screens until it’s super fine. From start to finish, the maple sugar process is arduous, so I’m grateful producers like Cosman & Webb are willing to put in the hard work. Use this heavenly sweetener anywhere you’d use white or brown sugar. One taste and you may forget the other two completely. FINGER LAKES DISTILLING MAPLEJACK LIQU UH)ȁ1́ѥѱݕѕ́ѡȁɕ9܁eɬMхєɅݥѠͽɍɽ)Q!5Qѡٕ́䁅յՕȁ=͡ȁ́ݡͭāЁ5ѡ)՝ȤAȁ5Q̰ȁ+ !չɕѼ=11 ܸɥ́ɕ͕ٕ