CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 42

Maple s by cori paige MAPLE SYRUP BY CASEY ELSASS • $14 Each volume in the Short Stack series is a billet-doux to one ingredient, like Peanuts by Steven Satterfield, Grits by Virginia Willis, and in this edition’s case, Maple Syrup by Casey Elsass. Elsass is a child of New England and a bottler of uniquely finished Catskill Mountains maple syrups, and it is plain to see from his recipe to Guinness Scones with Maple-Whisky Butter to his Maple-Miso Wings (I recommend washing them down with a Maple Sazerac), that maple syrup is near and dear to his heart. BLiS GOURMET/EVIL TWIN BREWING MICHIGAN MAPLE SOY • $19 The barrel used to finish Michigan Maple Soy has had several inhabitants. It spent its formative years in Kentucky growing up with bourbon until it reached the ripe age of twenty. Made its way north, where it put a boozy finish on BLiS maple syrup, spent a spell with Jeppe at Evil Twin housing Michigan Maple Jesus Stout, and upon returning to BLiS, imbued Yamato Soy sauce with a bit of each of its former tenants. This silky, faintly sweet soy sauce shines alongside Toro and yellow tail, in steak marinade and salmon glaze, or sub it out for the tamari in Casey Elsass’ Maple-Miso Wings in Maple Syrup. ELEVATIONS MEATS BREAKFAST SALAMI • $13.50 Inspired by American breakfast fare—smoky, spicy breakfast sausage and silver dollars doused in maple syrup—by way of flavorsome pasture raised, heritage breed pork; maple sugar, maple syrup, and maple smoked bourbon. Salumi may have old world roots, but Colorado’s Elevation Meats is unabashedly Yank.