CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 42

Maple s by cori paige MAPLE SYRUP BY CASEY ELSASS • $14 Each volume in the Short Stack series is a billet-doux to one ingredient, like Peanuts by Steven Satterfield, Grits by Virginia Willis, and in this edition’s case, Maple Syrup by Casey Elsass. Elsass is a child of New England and a bottler of uniquely finished Catskill Mountains maple syrups, and it is plain to see from his recipe to Guinness Scones with Maple-Whisky Butter to his Maple-Miso Wings (I recommend washing them down with a Maple Sazerac), that maple syrup is near and dear to his heart. BLiS GOURMET/EVIL TWIN BREWING MICHIGAN MAPLE SOY • $19 The barrel used to finis ZXY[X\HH\Y]\[[X][ˈ][]ܛX]]HYX\[[XHܛ[\]\ۈ[[]XXYH\HYHو[KXYH]^Hܝ \H]]HޞH[\ۈTX\H\\ [H[]\H]][[\[ZXY[X\H\\] [\ۈ]\[T[XYYX[X]B]XH]H]وXXو]ܛY\[[ˈ\[KZ[HY]H]XH[\[ۙYHܛ[Y[Z[ [XZX\[YH[[[ۈ^K܈X]]܈H[X\H[\^H[\&HX\KSZ\[[X\H\\ SUUSӔQPUPRѐTSSRH8( LˍL[\YH[Y\X[XZ٘\\x%[KXHXZ٘\]\YH[[\\\Y[X\H\\8%H^Hق]ܜYH\\HZ\Y \]YHYYܚX\HY\X\H\\ [X\H[Y\ۋ[[ZHX^H]Bܛ]ܘY&\[]][ۈYX]\[X\YHX[