CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 32

B ar B arella 21 st century bar essentials By Cori Paige OWL & WHALE ACID PHOSPHATES • $12+ Acid Phosphate sounds like a cutting-edge ingredient used in molecular mixology, because it is … still. Phos- phate sodas date back to the late 1800s, but they faded into obscurity during the ‘50s, along with the soda jerks that served them. Lucky for us, acid phosphate has ex- perienced a rebirth. Use this virtually tasteless souring agent to replace some or all of the citrus juice in cocktail recipes. The Blueberry Phosphate is made with blueber- ries so [ۙ]HX]]Y[\HYN]\[\\H]وHZ]8&\\H[Yܘ[K]XYB]x&\[[HۙKYHX\\]\\\[ XY]H\]H[ [\[][[ۈ[[YHZXH[Z[\]H0HXKBۋ]H܈ZN[H[[^\Y[ܙKPRPHԒ8( B[HHHۛHۙH[&]H\™\XK\XܚYX[\]Z\YXBوXH]YO[ H^\ق\YۈXZXHܚ\XXB[]]\[X[][[N\H\H 'HXH[[