CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 30

Alejandro Winocur and Alessandro Oliviera of Way Beer funny what each of our cultures takes for granted and what is commonplace here becomes exotic in other places. After all the brewing was done I was able to visit a few high-end bars and bottle shops. I wanted to check and see how our prod- uct was holding up and compare prices with other similar brands. We had sent a couple of shipments to Brazil this year just because it is a place we care about and we always like sending beer places we want to go. As you can imagine, the prices were pretty outrageous even by today’s stand- ards. Our importer and the retailers as- sured me that it was normal and the prod- uct moves, but it just seemed ridiculous to have people paying nearly $50 to purchase a beer that we sell here for $18. Knowing the long journey, we did send barrel-aged and bottle conditioned specialty beers be- cause they are more durable, but also nat- urally more expensive. So, what causes the large markup? In short, Taxes. I was told that on every dollar of beer there are eighty cents of taxes added, nearly doubling the cost of the product. Along with some re- ally strident regulations, the importing of beer is a pretty tough job. What’s the an- swer? How about brewing beer in Brazil? Well, that’s even worse. Forget about hav- ing limited access to quality ingredients, the cost of those ingredients coupled with high taxes and little incentive for invest- ment, it is actually cheaper to import beers into Brazil than to produce them there. So, I’m left asking our friends at Morada and Way Beer, How? Why? How do you even survive when it’s so difficult here? The an- swer is always a shake of the head, and a shrug while saying “My friend, Brazil is not for beginners.” © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.