CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 29

Fernanda Lazzari and Andre Junqueira of Morada Cia Etílica cess to and makes sense for his area and market. In this day and age where every brewery has their American pale ale and IPA, Morada doesn’t. He doesn’t because he won’t and he won’t because he can’t. He can’t get America hops in the quantities and with quality so he doesn’t try and force that square peg in the round hole. Instead, he makes beers like Hop Arabica substitut- ing coffee bitterness for hop bitterness. And Capuacu Sour which is a light tart ale using capuacu fruit, a cousin to the cacao fruit. I really respect the hell out of what Andre does and how he does it, so it was an honor to brew a Russian Imperial Porter with him that will age in some amburana barrels. I’ll hopefully get to try it when I re- turn in 2018. The next brewery I visited was Way Beer also in Curitiba. Way Beer may be more well-known because they are distributed by Shelton Brothers in the U.S. I met the two owners Alejandro Winocur and Alessandro Oliveira last year and we were able to brew with them at Against the Grain when they were in Louisville for the Shelton Brothers festival. We brewed ano