CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 28

J erry G nagy l i z a r B IN photography courtesy of way beer and morada cia etílica “Brazil is a complex country, not a country for beginners,” is a quote at- tributed to composer Tom Jobim. You will recognize how true that state- ment is after visiting Brazil in person. It’s an amazing place with huge ur- ban centers, multiple agricultural growing areas, jungles, beaches, butts, and waxes. When you think of Brazil, you may think of Rio or the Amazon; when you think of the beer there you might think of Brahma or Antarctica. Mass produced lagers sold cold and cheap by mega breweries that con- trol every part of the supply and distribution chain (including the state). But underneath all that, the rise of the small and independent brewers is happening just like it did in the United States. I was fortunate enough to be invited to judge the South Beer Cup the last two years. Last year being held in Curitiba, Brazil. So, this year with the South Beer Cup being held in Argentina, I wanted to make a side trip to Curitiba to brew some beer with the friends I made there. My first stop (and my host while in Brazil) was with Andre Junqueira from Morada Cia Etílica. I met Andre last year when he came to Louisville and we made a collab- oration called “One Brazillion Dollars.” An amburana (native Brazilian wood) smoked wheat wine aged in bourbon barrels. When people ask me who my favorite brewer is, I always say Andre at Morada. Of course, most people have never heard of him because they are only distributed in Brazil. I respect him because he uses processes and ingredients that he has ac-