CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 25

e huk If there is one thing that Leetal and Ron Arazi of NY Shuk know, it is harissa. The pair moved to New York from Israel, and they noticed that in this hub of Jewish culture Ashkenazi cuisine was well represented, but there was a disparity when it came to the availability of Sephardic ingredients—and an even big- ger disparity when it came to high-quality ingredients. Soon after, NY Shuk was born. Created to be a sort of pantry, Leetal and Ron started off with their Signature Harissa and have since progressed to include a whole range of both harissa paste and dry harissa spices, in gorgeous varieties like preserved lemon and rose. The pair also teach classes on everything from Middle Eastern street food to the art of couscous making at their Brooklyn kitchen. We were excited to have Leetal give us a les- son on harissa and its versatility. Thick, vibrantly red, and lusciously textured, the pi- quant chili paste has been at H[\وXYXZ\[H]\[H]ܛ^ܙ\\[BXYH][[Y\X[\\]\H[BM[\K \[Y]H][Y\Z[H]B[YܝYXH[ۙ][\ۚ^\܂ݚ[XHY\ˊH]Z\YZ[[]܈[X\HY\][ۈZ\][H[X]KXYX]ZXHX\YݙHH[H\\%\BX[\H[[Y[[[[XKY[XY\H][]\YY\H\^]HZ\ ^K\\H\H\Hو[\X[XX[[\X[[[ܛ[Z\[K]\[]\Y[X\ZB[H[\ܘY[ X\HYH\H[][ۜ›و[HH\H[Y\˂[H[]Y]\\\H\]ZXHZ[[ B[\]H\H]ܙ[[\]]Hۙ[Y[ZB]\ [K[ܚ\XK\[\H[[ܙKBY[][\H]܈و[H\]X\˂ZH][X[]X]]XKYHXܛ“ܝYXH[HZYHX\\H\[\X]H[Y ]SۙH Mˈ[Y\\Y