CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 22

ALBUMS Beast Epic Iron & Wine Flower Boy Tyler, the Creator American Dream LCD Soundsystem Still Summer Matt Pond AUTUMN J Tasty jams for your buds Hug of Thunder Broken Social Scene Gus & Grey Notorious F.I.G. (Brandied Fig Jam) • $9 Le Meadow’s Pantry Pear, Maple Syr Tara Grey’s worked in food and beverage in some form or fashion most of her adult life, but it wasn’t until she and her husband re- turned to Detroit that she embraced the calling to become a profes- sional jam maker. Tara’s top seller is packed with either Mission or Turkey figs (9-12 figs per jar!) that she soaks in brandy for six hours before they’re cooked down into a dense sticky-sweet jam. Like Big- gie said, “… play me close like butter play toast” or try it in the soda below. In my mind’s eye, French Canadian Genev Quebec before settling down in Vancou humming the Amélie soundtrack while sh preserves in large copper jam pots. I d lovely Geneviève does insist on only w says the beautiful vessels, along with a preserve the bright, fresh flavors of the l ents that go into her jams. After eating Pear, Maple Syrup—sourced from one O not about to disagree with her. Don’t You Figet About Me: In a Collins glass, muddle 1 Tbsp. of No- torious F.I.G. with ¼ oz. lemon juice, and a couple shakes of Bittered Sling Juniper and Orange Bitters. Fill glass with ice and top off with Seasons Maple Demi-Sec Soda. Stir and enjoy! Want some octane in your tank? Go brown, with brandy, whisk(e)y, or rum. Motor City Jams: “Kick out the jams” – MC5 “I like to start my day with a ‘Kick out the jams, motherfuckers!’” Tara says with a laugh. Tara is my kind of gal! Maple Pear Toddy: To a mug, add 1 heap Syrup & Sage Jam, ½ cup boiling water. S Finger Lakes Distilling Maplejack Liqueu Garnish with a sprig of sage and a slice o BC Jams: Afro Beats, French Canadian