CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 175

You love discovering new food. Trekkie? Things are supposed to change. Food staying the same is the most boring thing in the world. It’s so much fun to discover new things, so step into an un- familiar restaurant. I love tasting things; that excites me. Musicians end up traveling a bunch, which can be a drag. What choices are there when you live in hotel rooms? Food is a fun opportunity; you get to know new people through their food. And variety is the spice of life. And man, all the food porn in the air- port and airplane magazines. You can not only read about the unique tastes of a new, different city but then think I get thrilled thinking I will be in that city next week. Yes. I love all of it. Everything. Doctor Who is my go- to. I am totally psyched for the new doctor this year; I can’t wait to see what they do with her. SF is where the warm center of my heart beats. How can you not like aliens and lasers and shit? So you are on the road for months. What do you look for? Any hidden food or beverage gems you make a point of visiting? Man, all the time … I have a list of restaurants that I am supposed to hit. It is not hard to find other food fanatics. We recognize each other pretty quick. You can get two-three people to pop up and give you ideas. Like records or books, sometimes things get hyped so much that is hard to live up to the expec- tations. I went to Al’s Place in San Francisco. I had never heard of it. It was so damn good. CRAFT's theme this issue is “Sci-Fi & Fantasy.” We want to know, are you a Star Wars Fan or a I want to make sure I push the new album. I love it and listen to it over and over because I keep getting new things out of it. I think I hear things like Zephyrs, Cellos, which should not have sur- prised me as much as they did. Tell your readers that the new record is the shit. Dif- ferent flavors are like different palate colors and dif- ferent notes, and it is really fun. Epic Beast by Iron and Wine is The Shit. [Silent agreement] One last thing, Sam. I am extremely jealous of your beard. It is amazing, and I wish I could grow one that long. Mine just curls. I have children who have never seen me without it, and I imagine it would be a huge surprise if I ever decided to shave it off. No: you should grow it. Do it. Your beard will be curly and glorious. © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.