CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 172

Iron & Wine returns this summer with the tasty new Beast Epic. This is his first full album in four years, and the blend of melodic voice, stirring lyrics, and spirit-moving music are the perfect transition to for listeners into more sober- ing autumn months. Iron and Wine is Sam Beam, holder of a Masters in Fine Arts, who studied film, a North Carolina musician with a worldwide following, a husband who loves to cook, a father to five daughters, and a food fanatic. If readers don’t know, the name Iron & Wine was inspired by an old-timey dietary supplement, Beef, Iron, and Wine. Please, tell us you were moved to use the name because you like to lis- ten to metal while you wash down a T-bone with a bottle of red. You can say what you like; I just thought it was a cool name. I like poems, and I like to pay attention. I was in school in Florida State and working on a movie in Georgia when I saw the supplement. I was already making some music and collecting songs, and I al- ready recognized there was an aspect of my song- writing that moved between lightness and darkness. I wanted to include those contradictions in the name. I removed “Beef” because it would have just needed a lot of explaining [laughs]. Basically, no moment is totally happy or totally sad if you have an emotional perspective. I hope this isn’t insulting, but your music was not always something people discovered via normal mean 2WfV&6FRV&ǒ( 2f'7@V&BW"6r( 7V6w&VBVvG>( FPfRv&FV7FFR#BvVFB&VǒFFW2RVv5v2琧6VGG&622GW&VBvBv2&Vǒ&VG&Ц&'Bbff"F&V6&FrBrRЧ62FRFR7GVFVBfrBv2&VǐFW&W7FVB6vR&V7FrFFffW&VBVPv&RW6VBFFRW62FRWr'VBFVR&R&WBF>( @fVV2ƖRFR6V6W2&RVvvVBV&ǐ6w2ƖR( ĆVvG2""FRfW'V"( fƖvBЦW72&&BW&6WF( g&GvƖvB#vR&VV&W"2fr&R6Fr@V'VƗGfW"FRW"f6RBW W&7W762fR&Vǒ&V6R&RvW&gVrFRWvW7B6w2g&&V7BW26"ЦFfVǒBƖRV6W2W626vW22vR6vRR&Rv2V&ЦrBWrWW&V6W2fRRVW72R&PFVBR6( B&Rg&BbBfW"FR6&VЦǒ6VRrגW626vW2vW&RגfVV6W06gBגW'7V7FfRञ( 7W&RRbF6R6vW22frffPFVvFW'2f֖ǒFW"W7B&R&rWfVBFR&VW6RFW2WfW'RF66RG2&R&RFBFFW'26RfRFVB6R&RW7BFW&RFVB6RF( BƖPFVBBfRF6'WBwVVBvF6'BGFVF76FW&R2BbWW&VЧFFvF&rw&WW726W2g&@b2B6VW6RFW'2BF6vBvN( 2FRvF&&B"6&BvRf"6WbЦVW'6f֖ǓvF&vRb6WfVFV'2BWfW'R6BЧFrFvFF6WFrFvWFW"FW2BЧVgFVvRfRF֖W2WW26V7BfW"FRƗGFRR62ג72B6W72ॖ^( &R6WFW&&vBF6W2&RW7BЦfW26WFW&F&Sr6VG'fBBW7F&B&&&V7VR6V6R6RfW'6b6VBr2v2ffVB@&VBVWG2RfRFfR&VBVWG2&RRvR&VW""v6WW2Vv5fRF6RvR2&W7BfRv2ЦWfRB'WBBvfW2R&vrVF6R&VW 2FVƖ6W2'WBW2R&rWƖR&6vVB2BWG6FRFRW&fV7B&r2&'2vFvFRvRFN( 2BFF'BƖR&7VRVffW'fW2Ц6VBvW26fR6B&<:FR7VW"F@6G2FR7vVWFW"6FR'WBVR6VBW7BG'FffW&VB6&F2N( 2ƖRv2V'&6RFPWW&V6R&RBv( Bv&'WBN( 2gV2VG'rGW&2'W&vVrfBB&"66VRff&FW3vW&RFRFRg&VG2vVFW6RFf6C