CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 159

RABBIT HOLE KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON • $55 It’s hard to believe that this bourbon—a four-grain mash of corn, malted barley, malted honey barley, and malted wheat—is only two years old. In addition to ex- pert handling, I suppose Kelvin Cooperage barrels and the clever use of malt- ed honey barley deserve a fair share of the credit for this spicy toddler’s lovely sweetness and an age on the tongue that belies its young years. This babe was a pleasant surprise. I’m keeping my eye on this distillery, and I look forward to tasting this juice when it graduates from wood to kindergarten. INNA PICKLED BLACK MIS SӈQ8( LˍLx&[HXY܈\HYHY[H[ٙۂX][HH\]ۘKHY[\›XZHHY\[[HHH^XY\H[Z[ˈY\^H\H8'XY 8'B]^x&\HۙH]][ [BXY]H\\HX\[ x&Yܙ\Sx&\X“Z\[ۈYX\[ [H[x&\HZ[BZ[[\XYXZ\[ۈY\ق]ZXHXZ[Z[\HY ^x&\B[Z]Y[X\\۸&Z]BԕQH8'T'HSH SUT8( LY][X]\\\Y8'[\H[[\ۙK8'H[H\[&]\\[Y[[K\&\H X]JB[HY\H\[XۙX\[[K[[Yܙ[K[]Z[[[]HH]\[XH[ YH]و\^H\^H܈YH[\[YY\]]\H]ˈܝYH[\ܘZYY]Xވ[XKBY[Y[\ܘ\YZ]K[X\[][Z[[\H[Y ]SۙH Mˈ[Y\\Y