CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 157

DISTILLERIE ARTISANALE COZOTTES 72 TOMATES • $75 Tomato brandy (eau de vie)? Yes! It’s weird, and it’s wonderful! Every summer farmer and distiller Laurent Cozottes harvests tomatoes from his garden, cuts them (reserving the seeds), and macerates the fruit’s flesh and skin in organic grape eau de vie made from grapes grown on old Prunelard vines. After four to six months, the tomato solids are separated from the eau de vie and pressed. The liquid from that pressing is distilled and returned to the eau de vie from whence it came, then it’s time to bottle. When needed, tomato water is added to bring down the eau de vie’s proof. You think you’ve had “sum- mer in a glass.” I call bullshit unless you’ve had 72 Tomates. The seeds that Laurent reserves at the beginning of production are hand washed, dried, and stored until the following year, when they’ll be planted along with whatever new varietals he’s adding in. Seventy-two different types of tomatoes went into this bottle— hence the name. Ninet KYZYX]\Y]Y\[H[H^ X\KX\KX\B[[ܙH\[[\[X[ZH[^\[\H][Y Y[[^\š[\ܝ\X\[^KX[Y[\[]H[YH[ۙYH[ݚY\[ B\YYY]\[X[\KX\[Y[Z\\Y]HۚYKBۈZ[\Y[YBY[X\H[YH[\\ق][YH]\œZYYK[H[H]\H]\ Z]HBPTUSQRPQ”QUSPT8( LH\ܘY[و[܈XB\][Y[]XHX\&H\Yۙˈ\[Y&\™]܈\Y]\H]Y[HܙY[X[K[\\Y\ˈ\BY][YZXYۈHY\B]KY\[[Y܈\BY\\\YۈH[Hو[\X\[KHX\K܈[ۙYHB[Y\و ̈X]\\]Y]\۸&]\]]N[X\] B[[]و\HXY\^x&\B][[^[˂H[Y ]SۙH Mˈ[Y\\Y