CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 156

Weird, Wild, & Wonderful By Cori Paige Get your Middle Earth on with trappings that could lure the Pale Man from the underworld to party. ENTUBE UMEBOSHI PLUM PASTE • $8.00 Umeboshi, a salty, sour, barely sweet plum that’s often served over rice, in sushi, or in a fortifying morning tea, is one of Japan’s most popular pick- les. When fresh, ume are sprayed with shochu and packed in salt for a month, then they’re turned out in the summer sun to shrink into salty, sour ume- boshi. ENTUBE grinds this fermented fruit into a paste with ume vinegar, shiso leaves, red beetroot, cayenne pepper, and sea salt and pops it in a handy aluminum tube. You could use this spicy paste as a condiment, but it’s all about the cocktails here. It’s believed that samurais were supplied with umeboshi in their field rations to fortify them for battle, so I reckon af- ter contending with a tough day you deserve nothing less than a revitaliz- ing tonic fit for a warrior. OKOYAMA RABA 1tsp. Entube Umeboshi Plum Paste 2 oz. shochu 3-4 oz. ginger beer Lime and shiso leaf, garnish To a shaker filled with ice, add Entu- be Umeboshi Plum Paste and shochu. Shake until combined. Strain into a DOF glass filled with ice. Top with gin- ger beer, add garnish. R. MURPHY KNIVES BAR SAW • $89 The Jackson Cannon Bar Saw from R. Murphy is the perfe Jackson Cannon Bar Knife. Anything that can’t be accompli Saw can tackle. The 2 inches added to the Saw’s high-carb allow the Saw to handle bar-blade-buster tasks like cutting lemongrass, while the notched edge glides effortlessly thr tomatoes and figs without squishing or tearing the fruit. E the look of a serrated knife, the scallops are cut out of a s sharpen the Saw on a whetstone. Home enthusiast or pro,