CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 144

has to seek out and judge for themselves the merits of a product. Fred talked about his vis- it to 3rd Man Records, “craft has a focus on the experience, you know it when you see it.” Usually, a lack of the meaningful experience tells you a lot. The craft mantra is quality over convenience, as products have been stripped of integrity and diversity in favor of the con- venient option, a lot had been lost. Generally, it is hard for craft producers of most goods to compete on price with the non-craft options, so experience for the consumer and value from a quality and integrity perspective must be part of the work. Kyle enjoyed getting an inside look into the process behind how things are made, and relished in the determination and similarities he saw in the story of these craft producers, referring to them as belong- ing to a “Brotherhood of Hands on Makers.” What a great way to highlight the common challenges that they face as they try to com- pete, but also goes back to the beginning of the movement where artisans came together to help further their craft. These craft makers present their passion for the process and sig- nificance of their product as their story. Fred and Kyle found that fans of craft products can be the biggest voice for these producers, and were surprised and encouraged by the en- thusiasm they received for their own project and the suggestions of places and people for them to see next. As Fred and Kyle unpack all the content and experience of the trip and find places for the 12,000 photos, sketches, and interviews, there is opportunity to reflect on the takeaway thoughts of the Trip. Kyle has been inspired to seek out more connection in his life especially around gardening and cooking with friends. Fred talked about although being road wea- ry, he felt energized by the experience and looked forward to telling this important story. While the project continues they are working on the book about their adventure and the common themes from the craft movement’s producers. In the meantime, check out the content available at © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.