CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 143

derstanding and context of the communities they visited. They explained how feeling the air temperature and the train slowing down as they approached each station helped to place them in area and allow their surroundings to set the stage for their experience. In thinking about train travel in modern life, it is the an- tithesis of the airplane where there is a sort of sterile feel to each airport, or major high- ways, where each exit is dotted by the same businesses. The concept of the train and its relevance to more convenient options served as a sort of metaphor for the story to be told. A Slower pace and utilizing the down time be- tween interviews to discuss and process their work over cocktails, they guys embrace the hiccups of travel and the challenges of sched- uling as part of the ride. Travel delays offered opportunities to talk to different people and understand their perspectives. As Fred says “Whatever happens is the story,” the authen- ticity of the experience and what it says about the perceptions of craft is a freeing perspec- tive. For them, it is not about trying to steer the story, but rather using their trip to take the snapshot of what is happening now in the craft movement. Fred and Kyle seek answers from the producers, but also the consumers, and the communities they represent. While the craft and makers movements can be categorized as a sort of hybrid between old and new, and the process to reshape something of the past into the modern world, the relevance that a product has, is really a subjective thing. The consumer has to make their own decision based on their reactions and connections to the makers of the prod- uct. As a cultural shift toward seeking to con- nect with makers and authentic sources con- tinues to grow, wading through the faux craft offerings can be difficult. For craft beer, the Brewers Association has taken to offering a symbol for brewers to add on to their packag- ing so consumers know whether a product ad- heres to the definition of craft. The consumer © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.