CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 142

ural flow of conversation, Kyle observes and carefully chooses the moments to capture. As a fan of Hunter S. Thompson, this Gonzo-style journey into the creative space behind craft, Kyle hopes to use this endeavor to further his storytelling ability. Taking to the rail as a method of travel for their journey, Fred and Kyle embark on an epic trip across the country to meet a variety of producers that belong to the craft move- ment and catalog their experience. In talking with them both about their mode of trans- portation, it is evocative of their intent to get into the mindset of the very makers they are seeking to connect with. Trains and train trav- el were once a symbol of progress and conve- nience in America, where the expansion of rail lines made products, and travel to many parts of the country available. When Fred and Kyle talked about how the train played into their story, I could visualize the landscape and hear the noises being a part of their sensory un-