CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 141

the communities they visit. After the release of Fred’s book, “The Beer Evangelists Guide to the Galaxy,” he was often asked to further explain what craft is, a definition that he finds is ever changing and helps to spawn this jour- ney to discover craft in greater context. In the beer world, which is most often associ- ated with Craft, there is a trade related defi- nition put out by the Brewers Association in America. The craft beer community exists as a reaction to the consolidation of choice and the diminished variation of offerings. Howev- er, with the wave of consolidations of some of the craft brands under the umbrella of macro producers that don’t fit the definition of a craft brew, for the consumers, lines are blurred. The term craft is often used as mar- keting tool co-opted for the connotation of authenticity it communicates. The meaning attached to the products we engage with is a personal experience, and for Fred, this one of the motivations to seek the story behind the movement. He sees this broader shift in Nick Offerman by Kyle Bice Painted with New Holland Dragons Milk America that shows a desire to engage more, and to value the connection to the maker of the products we enjoy. Through his interviews and embrace of the story, Fred hopes to delve deeper into what inspires the craft makers to overcome challenges in their market and to communicate their values to their customers. Kyle Bice, a freelance artist based in Chica- go, who frequently works with New Holland Brewing, joins Fred to tell the story from a vi- sual standpoint. He uses beer as a medium for his work at where paintings are done in beer showcase people in the craft beer industry. Kyle’s experience as a photog- rapher and illustrator allows him to capture and tell the story of the interviews they con- duct on their journey in a unique capacity. Kyle uses the visual cues that set the stage for their interviews and enhance the nature of the experience to highlight the personality of the people they spoke with. Ever careful to docu- ment their experiences and preserve the nat- © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.