CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 140

T racking D own the C raft M ovement By Brian Sullivan Images courtesy of Kyle Bice Fred Bueltmann and Kyle Bice set out on an epic journey in search of the motivations, experiences, and connections that surround the craft move- ment in America. Traversing the country mostly by rail, and interviewing the makers and consumers of products that identify with the concept of craft, their task to document the movement becomes a symbol of the im- portance of craft in our society. The Arts and Craft movement have roots in the post-industrial revolution era. Wil- liam Morris, credited with starting the movement, was an artist and designer in England. His idea was based on the belief that the modern society had lost its con- nection with one another, and with the nat- ural world, due to the industrialization and mechanization of work and daily life. The movement called for an appreciation of art and design and the quality and craftsman- ship of handmade works that were inspired by nature. These ideas spread throughout the world, and eventually took hold the U.S. There exists a strong and growing desire to get away from the industrial process and the emphasis on the commodity of goods, and to place a higher value on the creative- ly hand-crafted product, and preserve its importance in our culture. Fred Bueltmann, the Vice President of Brand and Lifestyle and part owner of New Holland Brewing Company, who has a long history of working in the craft beer and spirits world, decided to use his sabbatical from New Holland to pursue his interest in seeing what the common threads existed in the minds of the makers, and to find out what craft movement means to people in