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Vegan foods never fail to interest and delight me. The latest cookbook by blogger and creator of this tasty Everything Bagel Potato Salad, Sweet, Savory & Free: Insanely Delicious Plant Based Recipes Without Any of the Top 8 Food Allergens, (available here on IndieBound), by Debbie Adler, is no different. Here, Debbie gives us a glimpse into her approach to vegan cookery and shares a few of her recipes with us. My Vegan Cookery By Debbie Adler Photography by Carl Kravats When I decided to go vegan I knew I wasn’t going to deprive myself of anything I craved, because if I did, I’d probably cave in and let myself be lured into the queue at the food truck on the corner that sells succulent lobster rolls. So, when I had a hanker- ing for crab cakes one day, I scoured the Internet for possible plant-based substitutes for lump crab. I eventually created what I call Krab Kakes with Creamy Dill Horserad- ish Sauce using hearts of palm. It tastes more like crab than the real thing! It became one of the most popular recipes in my new cookbook. In addition to eliminating animal protein from my recipes, I also eliminate peanuts and tree nuts because of my son’s severe food allergies. I substitute seeds such as sun- flower, hemp, and pumpkin with