CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 124

loves its beer just as much as its farms. But it’s far more difficult than it appears. It’s definitely been difficult for us, and every set- back has been disheartening. But we’ve also re- alized that in order to get open before burning through our entire operating budget and com- pletely losing both our morale and our amazing team, we may have to consider a different type of site than we’d originally envisioned, at least at the start. At this point, we really just want to fer- ment stuff. Our plan as it stands now is to lease a somewhat more industrial startup space where we can start making things, open a smaller-scale tasting room, and begin to establish ourselves while we work on building from the ground up on a long-term site. The startup XHx&\H\[H[˜]\۸&]YX[[H\و^\[Y[BXوHY܈܈܈Z[و[H[ [HZ[[] Y\[YHXKB\X\[ۈ]\ܙY[\۸&]^XHB[X\\]YK]\x&[HXH\H\Y[][ۈܘ[H\H]Z[[X[[KBX[ˈ[HYX[[YKH[[X\BYHX\HYܚX[\[[Y[HB\وܛ[YHو\[ܙYY[ˈ[B]8&\\\[[]H۸&]HXHXZB\[\H\[ۈH\]HX[]HY]^KB[]X\XZH\و][X[\Y[Y]Y\Y\[K[YXY HXو\[[H[\ܘ\HXB]]HZ[YKY[[[\XYBY]][ܙH[]XH܈\[][B[\\Y܈YX\\\B[\\Y܈YX\\\B܈\]\[HH[ۈ\[] B]H]\K[XY x&[XZH\ܝٙ]H[[ܝ]\X[]H[Z[\œY[\X[XH\[X\H\Y[B\ˈ[H][\Y x&\H[ܚ[]\Y[]Y][^HX[[X\XX[HH]H[Y\[HX[Y]\K\XZ[YH\]\ۈZ\[\[H\[Z\X[[\YX\ [\YX\Hx&\H^]YX]HYX\B\و\[]\[]\[^\Y[\Y[\[ۛH]\[H[]]YYX\HH[^H܈\Y[][ۋ[x&]HY[^\[Y[[]YX\\\H[HH\\]Y [ܝ[][K\\\\H^\B[Y[[[X\ۈ\و\ܝYݙ\Y[Hܘ\و\\ Z[Y[X[]\H]KۛHXYYY[\\B[[[]][[ HZ[\H[]B\[YH][\^Z[[Hܘ\ X[[Z]H[[[و]HX]HYX\[X\XN[\]][KHY\X X݋B\YX\ۈ\X^H]Hٙ\Y[Y\BXH\XH܈\HYX\]\HY\œYH]\[Y[Y ]]\۸&]HY]H܈\ڙX \[HYYYZ[ۈۙHX]]Y[\[^H[][ZH]\H]X\H[قH[^H\[Kۈ[H[\Y]]\ۈ[[\XY\Y[][ۚ\ ۂHXYHZ\[ۋHXYۙHو]\HB\H]%[\Y[\H\[[[ۜZ\Y\[ۜ[X[B'^\\Y\'HH\[\\[ۈY\[