CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 112

Cookie Mixes • $16 Not Without Salt What happens when pastry chef, Ashley Rodriguez, who made her bones at Spago, turns food blogger, stylist, photographer, author, and mistress of cook- ie mix? Incredible cookies, that’s what! A voice for salting desserts, her salted chocolate chip cookies took the internet by storm years ago, with readers eventually demanding the cookies. Lucky for us, Ro- driguez listened and we can bake her Salted Choc- olate Chip Cookies and Cherry Chocolate Chip with Cardamom Salt anytime we want. There are several factors that really elevate these cookies. First, the salt on top really takes these cookies to a different level, but what you can’t see makes just as much of a difference, starting with the three different types of sugar in the blend. My favorite factor, however, is the fact that Rodriguez instructs the user to age the cookie dough. This is a step I will employ in cook- ie baking for the rest of my life. The flavor and tex- ture are so much more refined, like the difference between a real Elvish rope and an old crappy rope. Who knew what a difference a day could make? Afternoon Tea Missy Koo of Brooklyn Piggie among the hobbits of Middle have to do is pass around a t gies. That’s how it all starte Missy would take a tray out and they wouldn’t make it p guests inhaled them. Her h made, from start to finish wit cause as Missy says “When th nents they must be superb. Th because there are no corner were created in conjunction w ist, using ethically sourced casing. They are wrapped in a heavy dough. There is also option that this omnivore ha to keep an eye out, Brooklyn selection of dipping sauces to B I think that Samwise Gamgee would fit in platter of biscuits and pimento cheese to f per, and green onions are the stars of the s bone. The pimento cheese is the perfect a cheddar cheese, fresh pimentos, and spice in case Merry, Pippin, or heaven forbid, th