CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 14 Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Page 107

Breakfast & Second Breakfast 1. Ancient Grains Oatmeal 3 Pack • $26 Farm to Table Foods A few years ago, in Chappaqua, NY, Martin Canellakis’ young daughter only wanted to eat oatmeal. In order to ensure her nutrition, he blended various grains together and along the way Farm to Table Foods was born. The goal is to sell oat blends from a chef’s perspective. This meant that they had to be diverse, high-quality, and great tasting while cooking uniformly. They boast 4 different styles, with this particular one containing organic ingredients such as oats, Kamut® khorasan, rye, spelt, barley, and brown flax. The grains are sourced from American farmers in Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Utah, to name a few. They create direct rela- tionships with farmers. They believe in supporting small farmers and operate with integrity. For a breakfast a hobbit would approve of, serve with a mighty dollop of jam on top and a drizzle of cream. 2. Seasoned Sorrel and Chai Cherry Jams • $9 Stagg Jams Candice Ross was tired of the corporate life, it fit her like an off the rack wedding gown in a tailor-made world. As a child, she was influenced by her no-nonsense grandfather, Stagg, and his influence stayed with her. She longed to get her hands dirty, to do something that made sense. Ross’ jam company got its spark when her mom sent a crate of her Uncle Steve’s grapefruit from Louisiana and the rest is history. Nowadays, she spends her days making jam and working with farms—in NY for fresh local produce and Louisiana for what she believes is the best citrus. The Chai Cherry is a lovely spiced combination of sour cherries and local Dona Chai. The Seasoned Sorrel was inspired by a Caribbean Christmas drink often found in Crown Heights, that uses Sorrel and a delicious combination of spices. These jams are perfect to use for everything from French toast to lembas bread, and don’t forget to give them a try in a bowl of warm oats! 3. Super Foods Flapjacks and Waffle Mix Kodiak Cakes In the early ‘80s, this mix was sold door to door out of a wagon by current owner Joel and founder Jon Clark when they were kids. Years later, they turned it into a thriving family owned business. The mixture is 100% whole grain, made from quinoa, golden flax, and chia. The goal isn’t to find ingredients to fit a price point, the focus is on bringing nutritious ingredients to con- sumers. As far as making the flapjacks or waffles, you can choose to simply add water or you can switch it up with different types of milk, stirring in a bit of vanilla or adding an egg. My favorite combination involves coconut milk and a little lemon zest and topped with coconut jam from Hey Boo! One cool thing about their mixes is that they can tap in for flour in many of your favorite recipes, even a hobbit’s beloved honey cakes. 4. Coconut Jam - $12 Hey Boo! In the heart of San Francisco, Cristina Widjaja is cooking up goodness, Southeast Asian-style. Her authentic Southeast Asian recipe for coconut jam, also known as kaya, is taking the Bay Area by storm. The texture is like that of lemon curd, but is backed up by the unbelievably creamy flavor of coconut, making this an addic- tive treat Frodo would have gladly given up the Precious for. Spread it on toast with good butter and a cup of black coffee to cut through the richness. Cristina recommended that I try this and it’s no joke, it is a terrific combination. I’d also recommend you try it like it is often eaten in SE Asia, on toast with a runny egg and soy sauce. I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical at first, but no joke guys, it is an amazing combo. The soy ups the umami factor and the egg ... well, it’s an egg and they are delicious with pretty much anything. Don’t forget to smear it all over a waffle, stir it into yogurt, use to dip fried chicken, or, heaven help me, stirred into coffee! © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.