CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 13 Kung Fu - Page 66

Are You a Ginger or a Marion By Cori Paige More beer than soda, Farmer Willie’s ($9/4-pack) is made with fresh-pressed ginger juice, lemon juice, nutmeg, molasses, and sugar cane—but it’s ferment- ed, so all those sugars dry out and leave behind a crisp brew with a nice 4.5% ABV. Great straight from the can or use it anywhere that you’d use non-alco- holic ginger beer. To learn a bit more about ginger beer and Farmer Willie’s, check out Making Real Ginger Beer by founders Nico Enri- quez and Max Easton. J. Earl Myer Ginger Lake ($39) marries Myer Farm Distillers’ grain to glass rye (70% rye, and undisclosed amounts of corn and bar- ley) with organic, greenhouse-grown ginger from Good Life Farm, located just 5 miles down the road from the distillery. After six weeks, distiller Joe Myer strains out the gin- ger root and puts the whiskey to bed for at least a year. There’s nothing but ginger add- ed to this infused whiskey, but you’ll taste a host of baking spices in the finished rye. Lord Jim ($48) is the first barrel-aged release f bourbon from hand-selected barrels in their loc gave Schramm’s the barrel to fill with their Gin aging the wood has softened the ginger and lef and … go back and get your pants, they’ve blow Getting an opportunity to taste any mead from doesn’t happen enough. Production at this popu is very limited. When you come across a bottle